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Post Construction cleaning

Post construction cleaning will help with paint stains and dust removal. It's considered a deep cleaning. However, requires more maid hours to complete.


  • Clean and sanitize kitchen, bathrooms, and the rooms (including living and dining rooms);

  • Hand wash cabinets inside and outside.

  • Hand wipe baseboards;

  • Hand wipe blinds;

  • Hand wipe and dust all the surfaces;

  • Spot clean the walls;

  • Vacuum everywhere;

  • Dishwasher load and run;

  • Stove cleaning (outside only);

  • Microwave inside/outside;

  • Dishwasher inside/outside;

  • Fridge (outside only);

  • Lining change;

  • Bed making;

  • Laundry run/dry and unload (no folding);

  • Trash removal.

  • Oven/refrigerator inside cleaning upon request for an additional price;

  • Windows cleaning upon request and for an additional price. 

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