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We offer discounted rates for recurrent visits. Our schedule templates can be weekly, bi-weekly, 3-weekly, and even monthly. You can pick the day of the week that fits your schedule the best and we will accommodate it. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and can be very flexible with rescheduling if you need to change the day for any reason! The service will include a standard basic cleaning package. However, we can always add and/or alternate some areas to be cleaned upon request. A standard cleaning package for recurrent visits will include the following:


  • Clean and sanitize kitchen, bathrooms, and the rooms (including living and dining rooms);

  • Dust and Vacuum everywhere;

  • Dishwasher load and run;

  • Stove cleaning (outside only);

  • Microwave inside/outside;

  • Dishwasher inside/outside;

  • Fridge (outside only);

  • Lining change;

  • Bed making;

  • Laundry run/dry and unload (no folding);

  • Trash removal.

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